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Brands need loyal customers to say they are good, and many have realized the benefits of brand loyalty. But to get them, you need to use strategies that really attract your target audience.

Here, quality is more important than quantity, because it is useless to have many unique buyers and few loyal customers. The idea is that you have loyal customers and even recommend them to all your relatives and acquaintances.

There is no doubt that brand advocates have many benefits for your business, but you must learn to employ the right techniques to reach them. In this way, you can gain more recognition and get a better brand image.

Brands focus on brand lovers
Brands focus on brand lovers

Before understanding the benefits of brand lovers, it’s important to understand what identifies this group. These are fans or fanatics of your brand who have developed a relatively strong emotional connection with your business. You can identify them by the following characteristics:

They don’t care about price, so they will stick with you even if your product or service is more expensive than the competition.
They are not only guided by rational norms, but also influenced by the emotional part.
They buy a wide variety of related items, which makes them ideal for cross-selling and targeted advertising.
They put your brand above all else and more importantly, protect you from negative reviews. This allows them to play an important role in the event of a credit crisis. They can even measure before you arrive.
They provide positive feedback, whether it’s an honest recommendation or advocating for their brand. This can help you earn originality points.
They will recommend you to all their contacts (family, friends, etc.). They are basically natural influencers and the best thing is that they do it voluntarily. They will not hesitate to recommend your product or service to anyone who wants to know about them. They use what is called word of mouth marketing.
Add Brand Lover benefits to your brand
Brand ambassadors will always be great allies for companies and do not appear in their marketing plans. And this is not a simple coincidence, it’s all about the interests of brand lovers:

1- They are a safe source of advice

They are a reliable source of advice.

Nowadays, consumers seek the opinions of other customers before purchasing a product or service. It’s a more transparent way for them to see if what they’re trying to get is worth it or, on the contrary, a waste of money.

According to the American Marketing Association, one of the main reasons brand lovers stay relevant is their testimonials. A simple review or positive review of your experience can encourage others to buy.

2- They increase the reputation of your business

Another benefit of brand ambassadors is that they can help you increase the reputation of your business. Therefore, the positive comments of these loyal customers are more than recommendations to other consumers. In addition, they can help your brand to find a better position in the market.

This means that most of a brand’s reputation is created by its customers. This makes a lot of sense because it’s good if someone speaks well of your business, but even better if they also promote and advocate for it.

3- They enhance your brand image

They improve your brand image

There is no reputation without brand image. So this is another advantage for brand lovers as through word of mouth marketing they share their satisfaction experience and the customer base grows.

In addition, it can change the perception that some consumers have of your brand. If potential buyers aren’t sure they want to buy, they can be convinced by seeing an identity backed by loyal customers. Or they can simply attract new potential customers.

4.- They increase the authenticity and prestige of the brand

These brand-loving customers are great allies if you want consumers to remember you. When people doubt the authenticity of a brand or its products, they look for real reviews from customers who have already tried it.

By finding a general review of a product or your business, they will be more confident to buy. In this way, it helps other customers to believe and trust your brand.

5- They help to increase sales

The power of customer testimonials is truly extraordinary. While some were skeptical, it turned out to be the case. It is through them that you can achieve a significant increase in the sales of your business.

Remember, brand lovers are not only going to talk to acquaintances by word of mouth, they are also commenting in different spaces. Therefore, you should have social media profiles, Google My Business accounts, active website reviews, etc.

Potential customers interested in buying can visit any of these digital spaces. And if you get good reviews, you’ll almost certainly get what you’re looking for.

Learn how to attract fans to your brand
Learn how to attract fans to your brand

Now that you know all the benefits brand advocates bring to your business, it’s time to identify your benefits. To do this, you should consider a few key points that will help you do this important task:

A.- Tracking customer conversion

First, you should monitor the hashtags related to the brand, product or service category, etc. It is also important to consider the types of posts that are posted on forums and social media. Active listening is key.

You can also find out who and what is talking about your brand through search engine search alerts. Although this is a traditional system, it is very effective.

B. Consider its relevance

Communication for brand lovers

Once you’ve identified your brand’s fans, the next step is to see if they can act as your brand ambassadors. To do this, aspects such as:

Influence – some social media tools like Klout or Followerwonk can help you.
Contributing Brands: Here you should check if the mentions and references your brand has made are enough or not. If the person doesn’t live up to this value, but you think they have the potential to be a fan of your brand, you can design an emotional communication strategy with them.
Influence: They should have a high potential for influence because you need your ambassadors to reach a wide audience. Analyze which social networks you are on and how many followers you have on each social network.
Engagement: You need to find brand lovers who can interact with your followers. Remember, if your post isn’t engaging, it won’t work for you. Remember, by leaving a review, you can spread the love for your brand.

C.- Evaluate the quality of your content

Potential customers can have hundreds or thousands of followers, but it won’t help if your content is of low quality. You should study the tone they use, the emotion they evoke, their visual style, etc.

So, it’s not just about the number of followers you can get, but also about the quality of your posts. Remember, through them new customers are attracted and they can become your next fan.

D. Develop your emotional communication strategy

Once you know who your brand’s fans are, you need to create different loyalty programs to make them love you even more. They are special customers who support you unconditionally, so you should reward them.

Here you need to use emotional marketing strategies. Remember, brand ambassadors are not celebrities promoting a brand for a fee. These are your followers who adore you, so you should treat them with the same love.

You can offer them free products in exchange for subscription. You can also give them a special discount for a certain number of reviews they post about your brand.

Use brand lovers
Use brand lovers

Undoubtedly, this type of customer is what all brands need and want. Thanks to them, they can acquire new consumers who will become as loyal as they are over time. This will have a direct and positive effect on the sales of your business.

You just need to know how to recognize them, and you can make them love your brand more and reward them for their loyalty. This will motivate them to recommend you through word of mouth.

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