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Knowing how to write copy for Twitter ads is crucial if you want your Twitter campaigns to deliver the best results. This helps you deliver the message in the right way and allows you to better connect with your target audience.

This is not writing for writing. You need to apply copy to attract the target audience. Remember, with copy, you can persuade consumers to take the desired action.

So if you want to advertise on this digital platform, you need to learn how to do it right. The formula for writing copy for Twitter ads is simple, the tricky part is getting it right.

Keys to writing advertising texts on Twitter
Remember that the smallest adjustments to the text in your ad can make a difference, so experiment to see which has the most impact on your audience. Here are some other tips for writing Twitter ads that you should always keep in mind:

1.- Avoid using capital letters a lot

Avoid overuse of capital letters

Some people tend to write text and use capital letters for Twitter notifications. They may think that such a message can attract more attention by displaying a warning, but for many users this may seem offensive.

This is why you should avoid making all text inappropriately large. They are only used according to grammatical rules, i.e. at the beginning of a sentence or after a period. You can also apply them to specific words you want to highlight.

2.- Use short and clear texts

One of the most prominent features of Twitter is the character limit for text. It keeps the message short but clear enough to convey what you want. This also applies to the advertisements displayed on it.

Therefore, you want to make sure that your ad is short in terms of text, but clearly conveys the message of your campaign. While this may seem like a challenge, it helps you focus on only what your target audience really needs to know.

3.- Display the discount as a percentage

Display the discount as a percentage

Knowing what appeals most to your target audience is critical to writing your Twitter ad copy. One of the elements that draws your attention the most is the percentage when offering a discount. They prefer to click on the ones that show a percentage, rather than the ones that simply text the price.

From this point of view: “50% off” seems to represent more money than “€50 off”. Although this is just a strategy based on psychology, where percentages are more attractive than euro values.

Also, keep in mind that tweets flow quickly through a user’s timeline, and they only have a few seconds to follow each tweet. So you need to find a quick way to get attention and achieve it with this technique.

4- Highlight the sense of urgency

Consumers sometimes need pressure to make a purchase decision. A good way to give it to him is through the urgency technique. This is to let you know that the offer is only available for a short time or that the number of items in stock is limited.

You can use phrases like “Join Today”, “Limited Time”, “Last Stock” etc. to encourage them to take action. There’s no doubt that this ad technology fits the real-time nature of Twitter.

You can tell it’s a pressure to act now because it creates a psychological reaction. It has the ability to significantly improve ad performance.

5.- Use the word “free” in your copy

Use the word “free” in your copy

Knowing how to engage customers with words is an art, and that’s what copywriting is all about. So when you’re writing copy for Twitter ads, it’s a good idea to include one magic word that’s sure to grab attention: free.

This allows you to collect leads that help you go beyond simple purchases. You can promote samples of your products or services or even digital resources and emphasize that they are completely free.

What you’re trying to achieve is that the user stops while scrolling through the timeline and gets stuck with a message that includes the word “free”. Some brands include this word in ad copy and links.

6- Avoid distracting labels

Twitter is the social network that started with popular hashtags, because they created links to other things mentioned in the phrase. Therefore, they are useful if your focus is on interaction. Now, if you want users to visit your website or follow your account, they may be at risk.

Consider that they might click on the hashtag instead of your call to action, which would take them to the ad.

In fact, for many people, adding a hashtag is a means to gain more attention. This allows them to reach people who are interested in the label. However, this is not easy to achieve due to the large number of posts sharing the same hashtag.

That’s why they say that when it comes to ads, they can be distracting. So if you’re looking to target your ad through this technology or within your audience, there may be times when hashtags distract you from your message.

7.- Asking a question

Another key to writing Twitter ad copy is asking questions. This makes people feel like they are part of the conversation and can encourage them to click. Remember that this platform is not a means of communication, it is a two-way social interaction.

Remember, what you’re looking for is to engage your audience and get them thinking, or at least make them think. With a simple question, you can connect with your audience and get them interested in your message.

You need to ask a relevant question to make them want to know more about the offer you are showing in your ad. For example: “Are you generating the income you want?” Consider any question that requires more answers.

The idea is that you can evoke emotions through questions. To this end, it can be helpful to ask yourself what questions would grab their attention. Or what are the most common consumer questions/needs and how to include them in the question.

What can you get from Twitter Ads?
What can you get from Twitter Ads?

With the basics of copywriting for internal Twitter ads out of the way, it’s time to let you know what you can get out of applying them. By advertising on this popular digital platform, you can enjoy many benefits:

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