Top tips for building customer loyalty in your clothing store with email marketing

If you want to go from a one-time shopper to a clothing store customer retention, you need to have a solid strategy. Email marketing can play an important role here, as this channel allows you to reach customers directly and provide a personalized experience.

Today’s customer wants to feel valued by companies and brands and does not want to be just another buyer. Therefore, you should do your best to make your first purchase one of many that you will make in the future. But to do that, you have to learn to reward them.

The best way to convince them to stay with you is through a good strategy to build customer loyalty in clothing stores. You need to think through all the details, get to know each of your consumers and offer them something that will pique their interest.

Key tips for creating customer loyalty in clothing stores
The first thing you need to know is that retaining costume shop customers will be profitable and increase your brand value. But to take advantage of these benefits, it is necessary to follow some guidelines that help reward loyalty:

1- Know your customer

You cannot begin to develop a strategy to retain customers in your clothing store without first getting to know them well. You need to know what your target audience needs and what their preferences are in order to segment it. This way you know who these campaigns can be directed to and what to do with them.

You need to take the time to analyze your buyers to give them what they need and want. There’s no point in bombarding them with emails if they don’t meet your needs. By segmenting the audience, work becomes easier, more efficient and more profitable.

2- Determine your goals

Once you know your customers in detail, you can take the next step, defining your goals. First, you need to identify small goals related to increasing traffic at the point of sale. The main goal should be to keep customers of the clothing store.

From this, another set of complementary goals may emerge. When you set goals, it’s easier to know if your results are what you want. They can also help you see if the event is worth the effort.

3- Create your email marketing strategy

Clothing Store Customer Retention: Build Your Email Marketing Strategy

As you take the time to understand your customers and set goals, you should plan your loyalty strategy through email marketing. Because there is no worse mistake than starting emails without thinking about what you want to achieve with them.

That’s why you need to define work lines. This means that you need to develop a detailed plan where you determine how your strategy will work. So you need to decide how often to email customers, how many emails to send, what to do based on each customer’s profile, etc.

4- Create personalized emails

When a customer makes their first purchase, they become a potential customer. This is where knowing your audience and doing some segmentation work will help you the most. This means that you can submit more personal information.

Remember, your customers no longer want generic cold emails that are completely devoid of personality. Your customer wants to see that their email is personalized, that is, tailored to them and their needs or preferences. This will make everyone in the audience feel special.

However, good emails that build customer loyalty in clothing stores go beyond using language that focuses on each specific user. It’s also important that it’s from a specific person on your work team, because that way they can communicate more directly.

Retain clothing store customers – avoid promotional emails

In this case, your main goal is not to sell, but to keep the customer. Therefore, if you have just purchased a product or service, it is not a good idea to send sales emails. The promotion opportunity will come in time, but now you need to adopt a different strategy.

For example, you can share content that focuses on building your brand personality. There is also information or advice related to the fashion industry, options for combining accessories and more. It’s basically about posting something valuable and potentially interesting.

Just make sure you always provide your customers with up-to-date content and keep them updated on the top topics in your industry. This is the perfect space to show everything they can reveal about your market and business.

6.- Work based on customer behavior

The buyer’s journey is useful for analyzing customer behavior. For example, it allows you to identify content offers that this visitor is a potential customer, emails that concern you more and more.

What does this do to you? Think that with this type of registration, you can be more accurate in providing new content. This means you already have a framework for working with these people.

7.- Sending optimized emails

Maybe you know each of your customers well and have designed a great message. However, the above will do you no good if your emails are not well optimized. Remember, this is critical for your clothing store loyalty campaign to achieve its goals.

What should you optimize in every email you send to the community? The subject is the most important. Remember, this is what gets the user to click on it. Therefore, it should be attractive enough to attract their attention. You can use emoticons strategically to make your subject stand out more.

You should also make sure that your emails are short and to the point. Report only what is necessary. Don’t forget to add popular calls to action, but also links to your website, landing page, or wherever you like.

8- Design a loyalty program

This is the best way to reward the customer and create a connection between them and your brand. Using this along with other types of advertising gives you the potential to make your business profitable. You can do this:

Shopping with points: In the first option, the customer collects points for each purchase, which can then be exchanged for gifts.
Card Sealing: For each purchase from the clothing store, a box is sealed for the customer. Once done, you can get a gift or discount on your next purchase.
Wallet Scheme: When a customer makes a purchase, a certain percentage is collected. This happens with all purchases you make until you can enjoy a completely free purchase.
Loyalty cards: Customers sign up and provide you with a set of data, giving you the opportunity to learn more about your tastes and those of other family members. By using this card, you will benefit from monthly offers, discounts and promotions.

A good message is not enough these days because people get bored if they just see the text. Therefore, your email should have complementary elements to make it more attractive and eye-catching. Remember, today’s consumers take visuals very seriously.

To do this, you should include in your email an impressive image, some graphics, photos, small infographics, gifs… Don’t hesitate to include a video to expand more written information.

10.- Don’t forget to check the markers

Clothing Store Customer Retention: Don’t forget to check the metrics

Believing that everything ends when you send an email campaign is a serious mistake that many brands make. Every digital marketing strategy you implement in your business generates very accurate metrics and data. Armed with this information, you can determine whether what you’re doing is working and what to improve if something goes wrong.

This is valuable information, so evaluate all the metrics your email marketing campaign is giving you: open rates, link clicks, and more. That way, you can work on your next campaign with a solid foundation.

As you can see, building customer loyalty in a clothing store is not a complicated task, you just need to know how to implement the right technology. If you follow all the mentioned points, you will be more comfortable and most importantly effective.

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