What is Cloudflare and how does it affect your website’s SEO?

Understanding what Cloudflare is is essential for any brand today, especially when it comes to visitor security. Providing secure browsing has become the main goal of many popular companies.

This is where names like Cloudfare come in. This service not only protects, but also optimizes websites and optimizes them for faster loading.

Competition on the internet is fierce these days, so having the best service gives brands a huge advantage. Speed ​​and data protection are key when developing a strategy to increase company visibility.

Cloudflare in Marketing Strategy
Cloudflare in Marketing Strategy

Understanding what it is and how to implement this web service into your marketing strategy is very important because it can bring benefits. In general, this is a free service that acts as an intermediary “proxy” between the visitor and the server itself.

The platform automatically caches all static content on your website, reducing the number of times you need to request permission to load a page. It is also a DNS zone manager that provides more speed and security for digital sites.

It is the first contact a user makes when entering a website. By allowing certain content to be stored in your database, you can make the page load faster when you visit it again. The data formats it supports are html, ccs, js, images and videos.

For example, if a website is accessible from a specific country, the application server serves the web file from the closest location to that geographic location. This is good for loading time and security.

Benefits of using Cloudflare
Benefits of using the Cloudflare program

Relying on Cloudflare’s services can have an immediate impact on your business. The advantages that you should not miss in your business are:

Cloudflare operates globally. This is very useful for websites with different locations. Instant page loading can make the difference between websites in the same industry. This is very beneficial for the experience users can get when they visit your space.

In addition, the speed provided by the pages with this service helps them to have a better position in the most powerful search engines of the market, such as Google. And it’s good for better targeting sites that open in less than 3 seconds.

B.- Protect web pages from robots

Understanding Cloudflare can give you more insight into the different bots and malicious threats that can put users’ browsing and data at risk. This service provides a barrier so that information is never compromised. It also helps prevent automated attacks on websites and blogs.

C.- Reducing the load on external and internal servers

Using this web service as an independent platform makes it easier to work on internal and external servers. With it, there are fewer requests from the server. In this way, it works in a more stable way and consumes less resources.

D.- Preventing spam

Another great benefit of knowing what Cloudflare is is that it helps protect you locally from anything related to so-called spam content. It helps prevent the dreaded spam from entering websites and infecting them with potentially harmful data. It also protects the center of the login page form from malicious situations.

D.- Providing free SSL

Using Cloudflare allows you to get free SSL, certificates, and subdomains that activate much faster than traditional SSL. This is very beneficial for websites that do not have an SSL security certificate on their platform. Ease of use is another benefit of having this certificate.

E.- Offline mode

With this web service you can find out that a website or server is offline. The platform has an option to let you know if the error is temporary or vice versa, if the entire system is down. This is very useful so that the web page does not go completely offline and is an instant landing notification.

Receiving such notifications will help you act quickly and take the necessary steps to end the crisis. This facilitates the positioning of the brand that uses the service in the minds of users. Users seeing a website that isn’t working can mean missing out on future conversions.

F.- Allows to know the status and performance of information

Knowing exactly what Cloudflare is can be of great help to companies that want to understand activity, for example, the results of activity on the Internet. This program has a very useful statistics format that provides important data transfer via CDN and memory storage.

Other information it provides is an understanding of where the raw data is coming from as well as potential threats on the way to the server. With very detailed charts, you can see how the index evolves in these conditions.

How Cloudflare Affects Your SEO

When it comes to SEO, understanding how Cloudflare works and what it is is crucial to developing a targeting roadmap. For example, if it is known to work well to generate traffic, it will be widely used, but if, on the contrary, it negatively affects website traffic, the service will not be as user-friendly as it seems. Was.

Therefore, it is necessary to know how the digital space that an application has in its function is distributed. This is how it can affect SEO:

1.- Achieving better loading speed Better loading speed

By using web services, you can greatly improve the loading speed. First, if you are considering First Contentful Paint, measure the service user’s entire page load time in seconds, ideally less than 1 second.

Another important statistic is Dom Content Loaded, which measures the time it takes for all stylesheets to load. This indicates to the user how much time elapses before that person can interact with the loaded page. What is important in this case is the time of less than 3 seconds. Web applications help compress content to improve load times.

2.- Failure that damages SEO

Using this platform helps prevent cyber attacks and saves website loading time. With this service, you can reduce server problems or any kind of punctuality defects. Also, it helps to keep the page always ready and functional.

Having a secure web page helps with Google rankings, so it’s important to get help with this service. Also, having too many inactive sites can cripple the position that Google gives you in its search engine.

3. Reducing file size for the benefit of SEO

A CDN reduces the size of files, which helps Google’s SEO targeting because you have to use fewer resources to download them. This allows more pages to be crawled. The advantage of the server is huge because it has to upload important non-image files due to static.

4.- Control the HTTP headers Control the HTTP headers

Not everything is perfect with this app and in some cases using it can affect your SEO position in Google. This is because the program handles http headers and 301 redirects. This doesn’t happen very often, but it’s a good idea to keep this in mind before using it.

5.- The IP is shared with many websites

App services share IP information with many potentially malicious websites, so SEO problems can eventually be discovered. Using a CDN on your website can result in a loss of quality web traffic. Loading pages faster is a good thing, but doing so comes at the cost of sharing a lot of important information.

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